By Madhava Smullen

It’s not always easy to find rock music that tackles spiritual themes, much less Krishna conscious ones. But Australian alternative funk rock band Supersoul does just that, wrapping deep philosophical concepts in funky rhythm sections, soaring harmonies and ripping guitar solos.

Hailing from ISKCON New Govardhana in Murwillumbah, the band consists of four devotees, all family men – singer and guitarist Deva Gaura Hari Das, bass guitarist Laksmivan Das, rhythm guitarist Svetadvip Das, and drummer Yadunandana Das. Starting out in 2016 as “Transcendance,” they released a four-song EP in 2017, changing their name to Supersoul later that year. 

Their first EP as Supersoul, entitled “He Can Dance,” was released in September 2020, while follow-up “Rukmini’s Ecstasy” has arrived almost exactly a year later, on September 15th 2021. The cover art, used with permission, features renowned ISKCON artist Puskara Dasa’s painting of Rukmini Devi, Lord Krishna’s eternal consort and Queen in Dwarka.

Inspiration for the EP and its title song came from reading the scriptures. Deva Gaura Hari was struck by the pastime, recounted in Locana Dasa Thakura’s book Chaitanya Mangala, where Rukmini tells Krishna that He can’t understand how devastated in spiritual separation His devotees are when He is away from them. “Only Radharani understands this ecstacy,” Rukmini says. The book then goes on to explain how Krishna appears as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to experience the love of His devotees, and particular Radharani, in separation from Him.

“When we started jamming on this mellow song together, I found myself singing about this pastime,” Deva Gaura Hari says. “Its melancholy mood seemed to suit the song.”

“She was welcoming her Lord / But down her cheeks her tears they flowed,” the song begins. “She said only Radha knows how our hearts break when you go / Rukmini’s ecstasy / He could see / He thought I’ve got to know this love / The sweetest thing in existence / I’ll come to earth with golden dress / To taste her mood / her sentiment.”

“We all loved the song, and so we agreed to call the EP Rukmini’s Ecstasy,” Deva Gaura Hari says.

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