Spirit Matters: an introduction into Bhakti yoga

Spirit Matters aims to introduce aspects of Bhakti Yoga to those interested in learning about mantra meditation, yoga knowledge and how to live a more conscious life. The channel was designed as part of my honors project for my visual communication design degree, which I will complete in a few weeks. Following the Bhakti Lounge motto, my intent with this channel is to make it easy for people come to Krishna consciousness, grow in Krishna consciousness and share Krishna consciousness with others. 
I hope to be able to continue making videos for this channel, plus a few more I'm developing, but I need to know if they're useful for devotees and the general public! If you like and appreciate the channel please share its videos, like them and even comment on them (keeping in mind the intent is for nondevotees to watch the videos). The more attention and promotion you give the videos the more youtube will notice them, which means that a larger variety of people might get the opportunity to notice them too!  
If you have any feedback, suggestions, or know of any other outreach video projects, please let me know!
Your servant,
Lavanya-keli Devi Dasi 
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