Flight 872 via Air Canada was pleasant enough. The meal, a trite bland, was healthy. You don't want to overeat anyways when not being too active. About the most I do on these flights is mobilize my fingers on the right hand while chanting on my japa beads.

Once my prescribed 'rounds' are done, I read, which is nominal movement, and then treat myself to a National Film Board of Canada documentary. Tonight's film was on the topic of throat singing by an Indigenous woman named Tanya. This means my index finger rises about two feet higher to press the screen for viewing – that's not a lot of physical exertion.

The passenger couple next to me hail from Avenue Road, the street where I reside. Rick and Liz are en route to Amsterdam. Rick wrote a book about leadership and is presenting a talk on the subject. I told them of my book, The Saffron Path, recalling my walking journeys. I gifted the couple with a copy and they were grateful. Rick said he'll come by the temple/ashram (my residence) and reciprocate by giving me his book once he returns home.

Great couple to talk to.

At the Paris Airport, Madan Gopal, a Danish devotee, was there to greet me. Our four-hour journey by car took us to New Mayapura, a castle in the north. Madan Gopal climbs trees for a living (it's good money). I asked him what it's like playing Tarzan, and he responded, "I get called in to take down trees that are hazardous." Interesting!

Source: https://www.thewalkingmonk.net/post/somewhat-immobile-in-the-air

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