Some Talk In the Night by Bhaktimarga Swami

8478099656?profile=RESIZE_400xTuesday afternoon is a fairly bland time and the evening can be even more so. I had the fortune to at least get some walking in. That in itself is an adventure even though minimal.

Midway through my walk a call came from Texas. The caller was reaching out with some questions. That alone put a little spark or sparkle into the night. Questions are always welcome. They stimulate the brain or activate the intelligence.

Now, I’m not going to tell you what those questions were because our conversation, which went on partially while I was on a bench and partially in motion, was private and I have to honour that. In any event, our dialogue gave some meaning to the day (or the night) and although our conversation was no way on the level of a Krishna/Arjuna dialogue it was nevertheless a spiritual talk.

As a monastic person who has waded in the waters of spirituality for some time, just two years shy of a half century, it would be hard to imagine a 24 hour stretch with no bhakti or devotion. My telephone caller admitted, “I was born at the time that you took to monkhood.” Oops! That might give away who the mystery man is. At this point it doesn’t matter. We had a chat that vibrated into the ether, not heard by anyone, because the streets were quiet. Toronto is one of those cities that has a rating for being one that doesn’t sleep so much. Thanks to a certain virus there’s more serenity than usual, at least on a Tuesday night.

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