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Who are the companions of the one who treads the spiritual path?Perseverance and patience...What is ignorance of the intellect?Trying to realize God through the intellect after being fully aware that God is way beyond the reach of the intellect...Where do all questions end?In direct experience alone...Who is most unfortunate?One who wastes his entire life trying to solve problems that were created due to unnecessary indulgence...Who is the “uncontrollable”?One who disregards the words of the Guru...What will the scholar do after he has acquired knowledge?He will impart it to others (rather than put it in practice)...How can lust be destroyed?Lust is destroyed to the extent that one loses body consciousness...Which is the most difficult task in the world?To brush aside the external world that is perceived by the senses, as unreal and to instill in the mind as real, that God who cannot be perceived by the senses...When does God laugh?When His grace is sold for a price...Who are thieves?Those who obstruct the Divine Grace from reaching allWhat is false belief?To believe a Guru who is false...Who is the Guru of the world?The World itself...What is most regrettable?To rejoice in the sorrow of other beings...What should be celebrated?Viewing another’s misery as our own...When does the mind feel great joy?When suffering befalls the one whom we consider as our competitor. This joy is evengreater than the joy experienced when a good thing happens to us or sorrow befalls our enemy...How strong is one’s attachment to his body?As strong as the grip of the one who sleeps on a narrow plank without falling down even in the deepest sleep...What is the usual practice of the world?To say that things were great “back then”, as opposed to “now” when everything seems to be going wrong...Why should religion impose rules and regulations on man?He will never be disciplined on his own, otherwise...SRIMATHE RAMANUJAYA NAMAHARADHE RADHE
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