Some of What Went On by Bhaktimarga Swami


There is a slippery dynamic to the roads which run through the village of Saranagati.  Ride offers were given by motorists but I insisted on using my legs.  The few destinations I reached were ridiculously short in distance, in any case.  I do love this village of residents who are all bhakti yogis, but if I would offer one criticism, people here should do more trekking between their homes. These rural homes are not set particularly close to each other, yet they are close enough that walking between them could do a heckuva lot of good, health-wise.  Let us become less car dependent is what I would suggest. 

Soon we were off to the seminar room in what is called the “ISKCON temple".  We discussed topics concerning the use of plastic in our centres and households.  We dove deep into discussing violence, domestic or otherwise, and also sexual misconduct by leaders.   
On the brighter side, we found the presentations by the group “Krishna Vancouver” to be most inspiring.  The group takes to heart that, as our guru, Prabhupada, expressed, we need not be stereotypical in the way we share Krishna Consciousness.  He implied we must find innovative ways to do so, but at the same time not compromise our core values.  We discussed tithing and came up with the terminology MMG, which stands for "My Monthly Gratitude".
At the end of the day of meetings, I walked to the home of Manu and Satarupa for evening kirtan.  This was sweet.
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