Signs and Duties by Bhaktimarga Swami


I was pleased to accept the offer to deliver a class to our Scarborough group on this third Sunday of July. The topic was gossip and when to keep my mouth shut. That should be fun. Mundane mutterings and fault-finding are products of Kali-yuga. Sheer gossip is the greatest of lethal weapons. Sad that it gets used even against friends; out of jealousy I suppose.

I was also pleased to see a fox that seemed to be after something. It was on a run. The colouration of this beautiful creature was most astounding, not the usual solid rustic red, but marble streaks in it.

With the temple section of the building open on the previous day, receiving congregants, a good spirit was established. Yes, we are following the rules of COVID protection. Even our Govinda’s Restaurant does phenomenal when our temple is open. The opening also fell in conjunction with Father’s Day, which is usually a “feel good” day.

Now summer is upon us. The moon at night is in its waxing period. The wind was quite in motion today; causing trees to dance. I also had the good fortune to lead a kirtan, virtually, for the Kirtan Ministry. Secondly, for our group of men managing the MANtra retreat for another year. May God help us pull off another successful retreat set for September.


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