Birth appearance at midnight of Shravana k8 to Devakee (July 19/20, year 3228 BC)
-taken by Vasudeva from Mathuraa to Nanda and Yasodaa in Gokula

Untill 3 years

-lived in Gokula
-killed Pootanaa, Shakataasura, Trinavarta demons

3 – 6 years

-moved to Vrindaavana
-killed Bakaasura, Aghaasura, Dhenukaasura (Balaraama killed Pralambaasura)
-moved to Nandagraama

7-10 years

-Brahmaa steals and returns cowherd boys
-played raasa-leelaa with the gopees
-taken to Mathuraa for wrestling match by Akrura
-killed Canura (Balaraama killed Mushteeka)
-killed His uncle Kamsa (Balaraama killed Kamsa’s brothers)

10-28 years

-lived in Mathuraa
-intiated with Balaraama into chanting Gaayatree-mantra by Gargamuni
-instructed with Balaraama in the sixty four arts by Sandeepaani Muni
-protects Mathuraa from many demons

29 – 125 years

-establishes kingdom in Dvaarakaa
-marriage to Rukminee and 7 principal queens
-marriage to 16,100 princesses
-161,080 sons born to Krishna
-speaks Bhagavad-geetaa at Kurukshetra Battle (~90) (3138 BC)
-saves King Pareekshit in the womb
-instructs Uddhava

125 years

-Disappearance on February 18th 3102 BC

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