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I accepted the offer by kind Rsabh for the interview on "The Avilash Podcast".This meant a trip to his apartment in Brampton where he has a set up studio for such a program, He asked questions that naturally would be of interest to his audience, queries about what would hasten the public to ask, "What's a westerner doing living the life of a monk?" "Why the long walks".

So, for a full hour my interviewer and I went on to describe a journey, my own personal one, in meeting renunciates traveling the country in a van going from city to city to incite an epiphany if possible. I let Rsabh know that spiritual awakening is for everyone, that it is innate, in all of us and that our identity is one of the spirit as opposed to one of matter.

Yes, spirit matters!

Going back to the monks in the van, well they successfully threw out a wide net and I was one who got caught in that net, up for a change in life. It was early spring of '73 when I decided to walk away from previous ambitions and ambivalences and dive deep into bhakti, for which I have no regrets.

Rsabh was generous in giving me time. From his end the questions were few, genuine and the fuel for a Q and A that was lively, I hope. Somewhere it will get broadcast, sometime. I don't know when at this point.

Here's one thing that is a mystery. I was on the phone with a man from Alaska who said he never met a Krishna devotee ever. Through some channel, the books of Prabhupada and the internet he became encouraged to chant on the beads and follow four major principles or disciplines. Amazing!


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