Shaping Prayer by Bhaktimarga Swami


Shaping a prayer was a portion of today’s preoccupation. Why is prayer important? It is a practice amongst followers of bhakti yoga. A person by the name of Akura, during Krishna’s time, championed this. In my spare time I’m piecing together a poem to address the nature and healing power of prayer.

It’s fun and it’s provocative.

Today was also splendid in the sense that two god-siblings called at different times to reach out. It is always great to reminisce, which is what we usually do when we meet, virtually or physically.

Sweet times they were.

Which reminds me, yesterday evening Isabell came by to drop off a script her deceased husband, Baladeva, another god-brother, had written. It is a script detailing the time that he, I and one more god-sibling spent time in jail in Greensboro North Carolina in ‘75. Yes, indeed, we were monks traveling in the south distributing Bhaktivedanta books without a permit. So, that was our only fault. What a time we had in the cell! It was quite the experience.

People may not be aware but we were doing everything on behalf of the guru. We were convinced that we were being blessed, giving our full surrender, even in risky situations.

Those were the days.


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