Seminar on "Archa Vigraha ki Seva" by Ruparaghunath Prabhu on 16 June 2013 at Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mumbai (Hindi)

Video Part - 01

Video Part - 02

Audio Part - 01

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Audio Part - 02

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  • attend lot of programs and associate with devotees.

    hear to lectures of various gurus available in this website

    Chant 16 rounds of hare Krishna mahamantra and follow the 4 regulative principles ( no meat eating, no intoxication, no gambling, no illicit sex).

    Most important point is to pray to Krishna to direct you to a guru. (Per scriptures - without krsnas mercy you'll not get guru. Also without guru's mercy you will not get krsna)

  • I am very grateful to HG Ruparagunath Prabhu & Iskcon desire tree for reminding the process which we learned after 2nd initiation.


  • Will someone tell me how can I get diksha and how do I decide my guru 

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