Self Reformation - Part II

When a neophyte devotee has risen to the madhyama platform, sadhana is absolutely necessary to maintain him in that position. If he becomes slack in sadhana, he rapidly reverts to the neophyte condition. Therefore, the essential prerequisite for both creating and sustaining a madhyama society is intense common commitment to sadhana."Any devotee who wants to institute reform must begin with himself. The prerequisite for coming to the madhyama stage is to be a strict follower of the regulative principles of devotional service. Spiritual fellowship cannot flourish if anarthas are not being relentlessly uprooted by daily practice."Therefore, every devotee who wants to help in the reformation of ISKCON must first carefully review his own spiritual condition and his personal devotional practice. If he is careless in observing regulative principles and slack in sadhana, he must immediately take up the process of rectification. This entails attending the complete morning program in all alertness, with especial concentration on attentive, offense- avoiding japa."By this effort, a devotee may quickly remove all his accommodations to sense gratification and undertake the deliberate dismantling of his false ego. A devotee of the reforming party should recognize sense gratification and false ego as the two great impediments to Vaisnava fellowship. They are the mortal enemies of ISKCON, and he should resolve to conquer them.Hope this article will help us to become more serious about our sadhana and daily spiritual program in order to become recipient of Lords causeless mercy.Jai Prabhupada !!!!!
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  • Hare Krishna prabhu!
    You have stressed on the Morning Program.. Yes it is absolutely the basic activity we should try to build up.. Our determination to serve the Devotees and the Lord simultaniously increase with it.. We will actually become blissful.. There is a real charm in attending Mangal Arati. The experience remains with the devotee and a devotee who is following sincerely can only know the beauty of that particular moment.. the transcendental realisation which powers the devotee to do more and more services..
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