Just like we have our mother who gives birth to our material body, to whom we owe our body, we also have our Eternal Mother to whom we owe our very soul. In different religions, She is called and addressed by different names. In Vedic culture, She is addressed as Sita, Lakshmi or Radha - the consort of our Supreme Father. She is our Mother God, our Mother Supreme. The scriptures abundantly and extensively glorify This Supreme Mother - Her love, Her compassion and Her grace for all of us. A mother is always more kind and merciful than the father similarly our Eternal Mother is more merciful than The Supreme Father. That's the reason why devotees desperately seek the grace of the Divine Mother, Srimati Radharani in their spiritual pursuits. Her grace can force Lord Krishna to shower His mercy on us even unwillingly. After all, He is an henpecked husband - completely controlled by Her love.

The heart of a mother is very big. What to speak of the heart of The Supreme Mother. Her love and Her grace encompasses everyone. If you study Ramayana scrutinizingly, you will notice that whenever Lord Rama killed any demons, Mother Sita was never present with Him. Why? Because She wouldn't have allowed Lord Rama to kill them, She just can't see the suffering of others.

There is a very hope giving and touching story from the life of Sri Radha. One-time in Vrindavan, very near to where She was sitting with Her girlfriends, there was a group of children throwing stones and setting fire around a she-jackal. The she-jackal howled in pain seeking help and mercy. It's desperate cry reached the tender heart of Sri Radha. Her heart couldn't tolerate it. She at once sent Her intimate friend Lalita to free the jackal and bring it to Her. When the jackal was brought in front of Her, She awarded the jackal liberation and made it one of Her sakhis (girlfriends) in the Spiritual world. Such is the nature of Her love and grace. It defies all logic and reason. She is the personification of compassion. She is ready to open the doors of the Spiritual world in exchange for a little devotion from our side. That's why devotees chant Her name even before chanting the names of Krishna or Rama. They know that the key to the Spiritual world rests fully in Her custody. The devotees in the holy land of Vrindavan consider Radharani to be the mistress of Vrindavan and Krishna a simple tenant in Her abode. That's precisely the reason why the names of "Sri Radha" is more famous than the names of "Sri Krishna" in Vrindavan. Radharani is the custodian and personification of Bhakti and She is eager to award it to anyone who even shows the slightest sincerity to achieve it.

I end this blog with two beautiful prayers to Sri Radha - our Eternal Mother\

samsara-sagare ghore
bhitam mam sharanagatam
sarvebhyo 'pi vinirmuktam
kuru radhe surshvari
"O Radha, I have fallen into the horrible ocean of birth and death and am frightened, but I am seeking Your shelter. O queen of the demigods, please free me from all fears."

dehi mahyam param bhaktim
krishnena parisevite

"O Radhika, please give me transcendental devotional service to Your lotus feet, which are worshiped by Lord Brahma and Lakshmi, and which are served even by Lord Krishna."
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