Seeking Strength in Times of Crisis


As a Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition focused on uplifting human society out of suffering and helping us to connect with the Supreme, the ultimate shelter and source of peace, ISKCON members are distressed to see the world so deeply impacted by the turmoil of COVID-19. 

We offer our prayers for the well-being of all those affected by the pandemic. We pray for those souls who have passed away, and for their family members and friends. We also pray for those currently ill and their loved ones. And, we pray for those millions of people who suffer from the financial impact of the coronavirus and who worry for the safety of their families. 

We offer our gratitude to those on the front lines who are protecting both neighbors and strangers. We offer our deepest appreciation for the tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who put aside their own safety to protect those in need.  We also thank the police, government officers, bus drivers, grocery employees and the many “ordinary”—yet heroic men and women—who have put aside fear and personal comfort to provide for their brothers and sisters. 

We are also inspired to see fellow believers in the Divinity, of whatever tradition, congregating in novel ways to keep their faith and their connections alive. We commend people of all faiths, now prohibited from ordinary avenues of communing, who still study holy books, pray, chant, and worship at home and in virtual forums both large and small. You give us faith that, as stated in the Vaishnava teachings, our devotion to God can never be hindered by any material obstacle. 

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