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Thakur BhaktivinodeSri Caitanya-siksamirta 3.3

To be controlled by prejudice causes manyproblems. From prejudice arises partiality;from partiality comes disrespect for truth.

Wearing the signs of the vaishnava is one ofthe methods of cultivating devotion, involving the body. But to think that that is the distinguishing characteristic of a vaishnava is aprejudice arising from sectarianism.
Controlled by such false beliefs, a person may not respect a real vaishnava who is not wearing those marks. If a devotee
has such prejudiceand he cannot find good association within his own organization, he will not venture to find good association elsewhere. Since noth-ing can be accomplished without good asso-ciation, such a devotee falls into a dangerous position. Those who are bound to the varnasrama system by prejudice also fail to develop a taste for a higher level of bhakti.Sometimes hatred, which degrades a personeven more, may also appear.


— Bhaktivinode
Thakur. Sri Caitanya-siksamirita. Sri ChaitanyaMath. Mayapur. Bengali.
Gaurabdha 420.

— Bhaktivinode
Thakur. Sri Caitanya-siksamirita. English trans-lation by Sri Bhanu Swami.
Vrindavan Institute for HigherEducation


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