Searching For a devotee in hawaii

Hare Krishna,,,


nearly ten years ago, i nearly ran over a devotee doing book distribution.  He gave me my first book about krisna consciousness when i jumped from my car to apologize.  His name was Bhakta Jesse and was from st. louis missouri.  his mother also joined the movement.  after i was initiated, i learned he is my god brother.  i do not know his innitiated name, but do know that he is/was in the hawaii temple.  i want to find him and say thankyou for giving me the gift of prahbupads books which brought me to KC.  We were in kansas city when this happened.  of course it took years before i acted on the knowledge i learned from his gift.  please help me contact him so i can thank him. 


Hari Bol

Kila Kincita Devi Dasi

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