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I am a new comer to this society.Off late in a bid to gain the most of Krishna and the way to him, where ever I travel in India, I try to find if there is an ISKCON temple.On 31 August 09, I made it to Bangalore ISKCON.After darshan, I got several Agarbatti, stand, laddo prasad for family and friends.Exactly 1 month later, around last week of September, I visited Chandigarh ISKCONI did the first formal Japa with my son, sister, brother in law and two little angels.There were 108 tiles around a rectangular piece of land - sort of a small part, with each one Japa, we were to take one step forward and one bead forward.With a promise to do 4 mala Japa a day and as a reward I got the mala for Japa each for myself and my little one -11 years old son.Yesterday 01 Nov 09, again after exactly one month I visited Delhi ISKCON, had the last darshan (glimpse) when the dwar (door) was finally closing at 9pm. Had a pure satvik dinner there and got some more laddo for prasad. You are fairly secure from Onion, garlic or a fear of having a non veg item touching your food here.Is this a coincidence or a stepping stone, 1 step a month!!! I wonder and share with you all.
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  • The journey continues towards Lord Krishna. Cannot be called a coincidence but a Krishna's Blessing.
    On 1st of December while travelling between Delhi and Greater NOIDA, I again sighted an ISKCON Temple.
    Though on official duty with a colleague and could not stop, but had a Darshan from outside only.

    Next Milestone was my first attendance with Family to Gurgaon ISKCON in sector 31 on Sunday 6 th Dec 2009.

    Hope to continue tomorrow, after opening todays Ekadashi Vrat

    Hare Krishna.
  • Hari bol,

    Its so nice to hear from two of the great devotees. No I really do not plan to be at a new place where I find a ISKCON temple. I am sure its Krishna Prabhu who is showing me the light. That does fill me with some element of pride and I feel so special and privileged. (I hope its not a sin to feel so). I am trying hard but not giving up the journey of shedding off the vices. The worst one - to control my mind. The easiest thing I have observed is that when you feel Krishna in your heart, nothing else fills your mind, no desire but pure devotion for the almighty. I do feel his subtle presence by several incidents when he bails me out of some real tough situations. I feel He is virtually carrying me in his lap, keeping me so secure and at a peace with my surroundings. But I do feel sometimes, is this all or is there more to it... Whatever, I am enjoying this discovery process very much. Especially when I read how politely the devoutees adress each other.

    One question to all of you until next time.
    Why not the others have the chance to be a part of such a graceful and respecting society.
    How and what should I pray to Krishna to touch their minds and hearts so that they are also able to shun all the vices and enjoy this pious lifestyle.

    Hare Krishna !
  • hari bol....dandvats.......
  • do u plan in advance of going exactly the same date if not then i feel it is krishnas plan prabhu to make u come closer to him.hari bol
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