SB 10.69.45 - Can’t we JUST appreciate Krishna’s extraordinary activities?

yänéha viçva-vilayodbhava-våtti-hetuù

karmäëy ananya-viñayäëi haréç cakära

yas tv aìga gäyati çåëoty anumodate vä

bhaktir bhaved bhagavati hy apavarga-märge

-Srimad Bhagavatam 10.69.45


Lord Hari is the ultimate cause of universal creation, maintenance and destruction. My dear King, anyone who chants about, hears about or simply appreciates the extraordinary activities He performed in this world, which are impossible to imitate, will surely develop devotion for the Supreme Lord, the bestower of liberation.

In this verse, Shukadev Goswami is telling King Parikshit that even if a person just APPRECIATES the extraordinary activities of Lord Krishna, then also, he will SURELY develop devotion or love for the Supreme Lord Krishna.

Here two words are very significant- ‘anumodate’ & ‘hy’. Anumodate means to appreciate someone & hy means certainly.

There are many people around us, who without getting full knowledge from authentic source, starts criticizing Krishna. They criticize so many extraordinary activities of Krishna consider them as ordinary. So, this verse is giving such people an option to come closer towards God, than to harbor ill feelings for Supreme Lord.  These people just need to appreciate Krishna’s activities. If they are not glorifying Krishna’s activities, then at least, they should not criticize His pastimes.

If we extrapolate this verse, then this applies for devotees of Krishna also. If one is not helping the devotees in their devotional activities, then at least they should just appreciate the devotees.

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