sanatan bharatvarsha and her seers

How seer of Kanchi the Paramacharya silenced the architects of Project Manhattan… Here an interesting incident… Those were the days when Indians were looked down upon by the west. She had just gained independence. Many of our budding scientists were working abroad and facing the cynicism of the west. One of them was Dr. Iyengar of the Atomic Energy Commission which became BARC. Once he was discussing about Paramaacharya when his senior Allen Cummins came and asked what they were discussing. When iyengar told about Paramaacharya Dr. Cummins ridiculed him asking, if your god-man knows everything why India did not make the Atomic Bomb first. After a few months Iyengar came to India and asked Cummins if he too wished to join him. The man waiting to ridicule Indians agreed. They both came to Chennai and proceeded to Kanchipuram. On the day they landed, they were asked by Periyaval to take rest and meet the next day. Cummins felt irritated but something in him made him wait. He had satvic food and realised something around the place. That night he had a peaceful sleep without his regular glass of drink. Next day they had Darshan and the moment Cummins saw Periyaval he was dumbstruck. For here was a person who was personification of simplicity which later turned to be the personification of knowledge and compassion. He came to confront Periyavaal but could not ask anything. ‘Did you see India’ Periyavaal asked Cummins . He just nodded. ‘You saw what Project Manhattan did to Japan and for the same reason we did not reveal the Anu Shastra . It brings only destruction’. The man was as feeble like a jelly, feeling the ground beneath him slipping. He had met presidents and many powerful men but never felt so feeble as he was feeling now. ‘How the hell did he know? Periyavaal was smiling like an innocent child. ‘I know why you came to see me and I don’t want your visit to go waste. ‘ Then what paramaacharyal told him made him feel still shameful. He heard the entire concept of relativity and atomic theory explained in such a simple language. ‘India will never use the atomic power to destroy, it will be only for constructive purposes.’ Cummins now felt ashamed and futile to work in such atomic project. He sought the Acharya’s blessings and left. He never worked in the atomic sector again. He thanked Iyengar and later became one of the chief architects of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty & who spoke in the UNO about it. That is the power of Paramaacharyal ! HARA HARA SANKARA JAYA JAYA SANKARA

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