Samples by Bhaktimarga Swami


Temperatures, weather-wise, are very much moderate today to the point that it drew a crowd of people and their pets. The dog park is very popular and on the street level a shop that caters to all dog needs recently took up a rental commitment. The place is called the Dogfather and it’s just around the corner.

Next to the dog park I planted myself at a picnic table only to meet with two devotees for a chat about relationships, but yes, most definitely about honey badgers and, most of all, GOD not DOG.

I had walked the area of Yorkville and in a lane of shops between Cumberland and Yorkville Ave. a young woman from a soap shop asked if I wanted to sample some soap from a spray container.

“Yes, sure, why not?” She did say “sample” and it was for free. Also, the product was invented in Amsterdam and, for some reason or another, operations were transferred to Toronto.

We went inside and we tried another spray sample with a choice of scents. I took the olive brand with, something else mixed with it, and it was sweet. A convenient sink was there to wash off excess soap. She also gave me a take-home of a colour-rich, licorice-stick-shaped soap.

The woman was so kind, caring and I thought I not only walked home (first to the park) with a sample of soap but also a sample of how to deal, in a cordial way, with a newcomer. She and her co-workers did excellent. I also gave them a take-home card with the mantra on one side. I learned from the past “Always carry a sample.”


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