ya eva karoti sa eva bhuṅkte (as one does so one enjoys)Everyone reaps as he saws.On material plane operates this simple law, yet to many unthinkable and unacceptable, law of karma. If people would understand this spiritual rule, meaning the ordinance coming from God, the world would be much much nicer place to be in, devoid of mass murdering, slaughtering, prostitution, drug abuse, and other vices. Instead leaders, educators, and uneducated people in general have chosen to make it hell-like pandemonium under the banner: “There is only this one lifetime. Let's eat, drink, and be merry. So work hard! Buy useless junk you don’t need! Obey the law which has hardly any practical impact and changes too often! It is just meant to make your life miserable, because bureaucrats do not have any interest to guide you. Fall in line! Any insubordination will be punished.” This is how people willfully subordinate to the punishment of Māyādevī. They prefer to be beaten by karmic reactions, rather then choose saintly life of a devotee of the Lord. They name this a freedom. Out of sentiment they rationalize it in their philosophies and arts. Weird and mean. Fortunate are those who do not subjugate to ignorance. The life of a sādhu is such that he willfully accepts Śrī Hari’s laws. In this way he is exempt to be bound by ordinary laws of material karma keeping him tied into material existence. Good gardener plants beautiful roses and plucks out harmful weeds.(fromāśya dā
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