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Romapada Swami answers "Is it possible to overcome depression and fear?"

Question. 1. How to overcome depression? Right from my student days I have developed inferiority complex and at times I find it really difficult to overcome. My parents and brother have been extremely supportive to me in this regard. But still it is not totally gone. After getting introduced to Krishna Consciousness through my brother, things improved a lot but when my Sadhana started going down and is not consistent, this also started to lead me to hopeless mind state. Are there some practical tips that you can give me to overcome depression in those moments of crisis?

Question. 2. How to overcome fear? Specifically after marriage my fears and depression have increased leaps and bounds. This is mainly due to criticism and discouragement that I face at times at home. Since I am in the neophyte stage I have not got the maturity to convince people or at least ignore criticisms altogether. Basically I am a shy and reserved person and take some time to talk to people (especially my husband). Because of this my in-laws came to a conclusion that since I am interested in spiritual topics I am aloof from the family. This is not totally true. I am really in a precarious position unless I take the right steps to build proper relationship with my husband. Nowadays I have started to worship Narasimhadev to overcome fear. My mother and brother are chanting an extra round for me. Kindly advice.

Romapada Swami answers: I will answer both of your above questions in two parts: first I would like to give some philosophical background, which can help strengthen your mind and bring greater clarity. Based on this fundamental understanding, I will then suggest some practical devotional measures that you could take to address your situation.

Part 1: Lamentation (depression), bewilderment and fearfulness (‘shoka-moha-bhaya’) are understood to be the symptoms of material disease. Just as when there is some pain, fever or inflammation, they are but mere symptoms

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