4487396566?profile=RESIZE_584xAccording to Vedic culture, “protection to the cows, to the women, the brahmanas, the children and old folks is elementary” (SB 1.16.21). In order to implement protection, a modicum of respect must exist.

Now in modern society, with its appeal for equality, basic respect is often absent. Such liberal dealings often mean that any nonsense can be regarded highly as long as one appears intelligent. Nowadays the edict that ‘a fool is revealed when he speaks’ is too subtle for easy discernment.

In contrast, many times I am heartened when witnessing our second-generation respecting each other and their elders. Here are a few tributes I would like to offer:

‘Das Constructions’ employs many of our Vaishnava youth and they are a pleasure to have working on the building site.

They are disciplined, co-operative gentlemen. The job is done smoothly and sweetly, free from any irritation.

Dealing with Rasa and Rasa of ‘Little Wing Antiques’ is also a charming affair. They have respect for the traditions of preserving old and rare furniture. This is warmly shared with us.

The students at Bhaktivedanta Gurukula in Mayapur have earned a worthy reputation for reliability, trained effectiveness in temple affairs, studies and mutual respect.

The devotee staff at Govinda’s restaurant in the area also exhibits personal care and quality service, even under pressure. Quality prasadam and bolstered by their commitment to supporting the New Govardhana farm is a welcome presence.

I see great hope for the future.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=78800

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