Representatives of Andal & Ramanujacarya!

When we took our Safari to South India we went to the Sri Rangam temple and there we chanted Hare Krsna for the acarya of the Sri Rangam temple, one of the 64 temples of Ramanuja and that’s maybe the most important that he has. Then he said, "You are all incarnations of Andal, an incarnation of Lakshmi who chanted the holy name and said everyone should go with karatals and drums in the street and chant the name of Krsna." He said, "You are all incarnations or representatives of Andal, you are doing."

And just recently when we had the Tirupati temple opening, the head acarya was going to come for one day just bless it. But he stayed for all the seven days. When he saw some of the gurukuli devotees leading kirtan, and everybody chanting and dancing and all wearing tilaka, then he made a declaration that, “You are doing what we should be doing. This is what Ramanujacarya did, he made people devotees. We have become expert in all the rituals but we are not making new devotees. But you are making the new devotees.

Then Radhanath Swami told me that he did a programme in Sri Rangam and the acarya had publicly over television said, “I want to be a member of ISKCON. [Devotees: Haribol!] They are doing what Ramanujacarya told us to do.

HH Jayapataka Swami
March 19th, 2008
Sridham Mayapur

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  • Haribol ...
    all glorious to nama sankirtan...
    all glorious to Yuga Acarya, Patita Pavan Srila Prabhupada......Jai!
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