I came to the end of the day realizing that I hadn't set foot on the pavement other than a walk over the sidewalk to reach the grass in Avondale Park.  There, along with Connor, we spread out a mat for sitting on and chanting to the public.  I can't believe I did everything today that indoors could offer in a monk’s context, but I did not walk.
I did, however, dream of traveling.  Reminisce a bit, would be more accurate.  A couple that I know are contemplating the journey, on wheels, across the country, via the Trans Canada Highway.  They asked about hot spots since I ventured this longest road on the planet more than once. That is where the memories come into play.  I chanted on my meditation beads on that road, forever it seemed.

Hot spots? Well, since the couple is going west, I suggested they keep their eyes peeled at Lake Superior.  There's the centre point of the highway where cascades of water merge into this great lake.  Check out the sensational view at Old Woman's Bay near Wawa.  At Agawa Bay, via canoe, view the Pictographs of the indigenous people on the rock.  I encouraged a visit to see wild bears in Emo, Ontario, and chat with the gentle bear man.  Take a swim in Lake of the Woods.  Enjoy the sunrises and sunsets of the Prairies.  Open your ears and eyes to the birds that are in the plenty.  Then in the Rockies, you have Banff, bears, moose, cougars, mountain goats.  They may want to hear you chant.  Don't forget Drumheller and the dinosaur remains.

I reflected on my travels when thinking about past pilgrimages on that highway. I forgot to tell them of the book, "The Longest Road" and the stories within.  I'm in it.
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