On Speaking Strongly in Srila Prabhupada's Service

The Krsna consciousness movement declares war against bogus incarnations. The bogus propaganda put out by people claiming to be God has killed God consciousness all over the world. Members of the Krsna consciousness movement must be very alert to defy these rascals who are presently misleading the whole world. One such rascal, known as Paundraka, appeared before Lord Krsna, and the Lord immediately killed him. Of course, those who are Krsna's servants cannot kill such imitation gods, but they should try their best to defeat them through the evidence of sastra, authentic knowledge received through the disciplic succession. Madhya 22.9 purport

These rascals are passing as scientists and philosophers, and thus misleading persons. This is our greatest grief. Therefore I am requesting you all: just make a plan to face these rascals and defeat them. They are misleading the whole human society. Now the Krsna consciousness movement should take this turn. They may not think that these boys and girls, so-called Krsnas, they are sentimentalists, chanting and dancing. That is, of course, the ultimate goal. But they do not understand. They think that we are simply sentimental. We are the greatest scientist. We are the greatest philosopher. We are the greatest humanitarian. They should know that. Krsna has two engagements: paritranaya sadhunam-vinasaya ca duskrtam-giving protection to the sadhus, the devotees, and killing the demons. Of the two engagements, His killing of the demons was His major occupation. If we examine how much time He devoted to killing and how much time He devoted to protecting, we shall find that He devoted more time to killing. Similarly, those who are Krsna conscious should also kill not by weapons but by logic, by reasoning, and by education. If one is a demon, we can use logic and arguments to kill his demoniac propensities and turn him into a devotee, a saintly person. Especially in this present age, Kali-yuga, people are already poverty-stricken, and physical killing is too much for them. They should be killed by argument, reasoning, and scientific spiritual understanding.

The whole world is running on a false theory that life is born out of matter. But that is not a fact. So how to defeat this theory? That is our business. We have to defeat this rascal theory. We have to challenge all these rascals and defeat them. We have to make a program. Because this is most misleading. The whole human society is affected by this misleading theory. We have to make program, go from place to place and invite all big men, all scientists. That program we have to make. We cannot allow this nonsense theory to go on. We must do something. So we have to challenge, protest, defeat. This will be our work. Our worshipping of Krsna, that is our internal affair. The external affair we need to establish this theory. Make plan how to meet them, how to defeat them. Catch them on their throat. We are not ordinary so-called swamis and sadhus. We are going to give to the world something which they forgot. 730503mw.la

We shall speak very loudly and expose these bogus men. Let our philosophy be challenged by anyone and we shall defeat them. Letter, 71-11-12

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