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It seems to me in modern times man prays and has attention for God for material gain. Once man has this, then he forgets. Example "dear God please help me get this job tomorrow"
No. Try again. Never use God. What does the cash in your wallet have to do with your soul? "Dear God, I remain knowing that you are always here, thank you for loving me, I will not forget so you can continue helping me grow and know and always strive to be a good person." There, that's better.
One Sunday morning I was on my way to the store... I was at a spot in the road that I was leaving my apartments and a man across the street was leaving his. We were turning into a two way street. I got the stop sign first, I turned, he didn't stop at his stop sign, almost ran into me, slammed on his brakes, yelled and cursed at me. On top of this, he and his wife were clearly dressed up and ready to go to church. Shouldn't people that love God actually go about their days acting like it instead of just thinking about it?
It's very easy for everyone to say they love God and show up to their place of worship but what many are failing to remember is that God gave you this life. If you didn't have life, you wouldn't have or not have anything. You wouldn't experience, you wouldn't feel, you wouldn't exist.
You are blessed to wake up every morning. "There was no trauma, I woke up today, I love the rain because it rained and God made that. I can see or smell or hear. I can feel I can love. I am blessed. Thank you God. So everything I do today I will do for you. Because YOU, you are the reason for EVERYTHING.
Why do we forget? Let's not use the excuse "we are human, we make mistakes" don't make mistakes on something that big. Buddhist monks don't forget, they're human. Gurus, the Pope, nuns, etc, they don't forget and they're human. Don't make excuses.
This man that yelled on me on the way to him going to church. That was ugly. You can't just without thought go to church because it's a ritual and be nasty to people. That's not how you do it. You don't go to church to gossip or to prove to anyone else that you believe in "the right God". There is no right God, all paths lead to the same. Go because you love it.
Strive to be perfect for God or whatever you may believe with a clear and true heart. Don't live for gain. Live for your oneness and knowledge that you are a part of God, you are part of your neighbor of any race, you are a part of that tree. Love everyone, respect them, respect yourself.

Hare Krishna!

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