Relishable Topics by Bhaktimarga Swami


Other topics on the agenda at MANtra 2022 were “The Art of Meaningful Association,” “Chasing the Wild Monkeys: Lust, Addiction and the Power of Healing Association,” “Flourishing as a Father” and “Compassion as a Man.” Also on the list was our drama “Demon,” as part of the entertainment section including beautiful chanting by Gaura Vani in the evening.

Singing also resounded outside with millions of crickets at the relatively quiet hours of our morning when a group of us went zoom zoom around the lake, a small man-made body of water. This is the home of swans, ducks and, at times soaring above, turkey vultures, when food below appears to be available.

One feathered friend, a resident in New Vrindavan, is a peacock. Accustomed to the outdoors is a family of these handsome creatures. During a presentation one of these fellows, with spread plumes, came inside while the door was open. He was an uninvited but welcome guest. He didn’t stay long. He just wouldn’t understand the topic at the time – pornography and drug/alcohol addiction.

You sometimes wonder why humans have all the complexities and non-humans, such as the creatures mentioned, have it so simple. The role of a human could be a curse or it could be a blessing. When humans take to the principle of dharma it sets them in a truly organic position. This word dharma should be researched and explored. In the context of men’s roles, it means to be great providers and protectors. To be effective in this, men must be strong in the areas of responsibility.


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