I took a stroll to Yorkville where cafes are cool and people are too. For me it’s always interesting to see people’s reactions to some monk gliding through at an early night hour. The place is pretty harmless.

Two young men were passing in front of me. One looked back and spotted me. He touched the waist of his buddy and mildly moved him out of the way. He turned around and immediately got out of the way. “Make way for the monk.”

I passed by a man and his companion dog and said to his pet, “Now that guy (me) will pray for you.” I turned my head. He nodded.

One gentleman I met in the temple ashram area sells bouquets of red roses. He always greets me with a, “Hare Krishna.” Seems he’s been to our temple. On my turning left on Cumberland I saw him now for a second time. He actually was making a sale at the time. He said the same, “Hare Krishna.”

One younger Indian chap had a cigarette to his mouth and then removed it when he saw me coming down the street. On another street two Caucasians each had a cigarette and on seeing me sitting at a bench near the outdoor jazz band, kept smoking but nodded.

At the corner of Bay and Cumberland four young women, obviously from out of town, were lost and trying to determine where they parked their car. I offered, “Can I help you with directions?” Well, I guess they don’t see too many monks in their town. I was ignored, but that’s okay. A little dose of humility on a stroll can’t do any harm.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/09/thursday-september-16-2021.html

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