Raganunga Sadhan and Caitanya-Caritamrita

Sri Caitanya-caritamrita’s Ultimate Conclusionataeva gopI-bhAva kari aGgIkArarAtri-dina cinte rAdhA-kRSNera vihAra || Madhya 8. 228 ||Therefore -ataeva, accept gopi-bhava - gopI-bhAva kari aGgIkAra,to contemplate -cinte -day and night - rAtri-dinathe pleasure sports of Radha and Krishna -rAdhA-kRSNera vihAra .siddha-dehe cinti kare tAhAJi sevanasakhI-bhAve pAya rAdhA-kRSNera caraNa || Madhya 8. 229 ||By performing manasi-seva - tAhAJi sevanain one’s conceived perfect body - siddha-dehe cinti,with the bhava of a sakhi sakhI-bhAve -one attains the feet of Radha and Krishna -pAya rAdhA-kRSNera caraNa .gopI-Anugatya vinA aizvarya-jJAnebhajileha nAhi pAya vrajendra-nandane || Madhya 8. 230 ||Without following the gopis - gopI-Anugatya vinA,if one worships Him in awareness of His superhuman prowess -aizvarya-jJAne bhajileha,one does not attain -nAhi pAya - the son of the king of Vraja (Krişna) - vrajendra-nandane .These verses explain the meaning of siddha-rupena-seva as previously discussed in Sri Rupa’s sloka.Hence the internal ascpect of Raganunga bhakti is twofold:1) The mental conception of one’s siddha deha.2) Radha Krishna’s Asta kala manasi seva - service in mind.Before discussing the internal sadhana it will be helpful to analyse the important context in which Srila Kaviraja Gosvami presents ataeva gopI-bhAva kari aGgIkAraTherefore, accept Gopi-bhava.Here is the pinnacle of all spiritual instruction which Caitanya Mahaprabhu discusses with Ramananada Raya, as recounted in the middle of Caitanya Caritamrita. This chapter itself is not only the heart of the book because of it’s central location, but here we also find our Lord Gauranga’s heart.In this verses sadhya-sadhan-tattva (the goal of life and the means to attain it) is elaborately revealed.With ataeva gopI-bhAva kari aGgIkAra, Sri Gauranga Deva concludes what He feels to be the goal of life, and what the means to attain it are.Moreover, as the word “ataeva” (therefore) brings to a conclusion the whole consummation of Gaudiya Vaisnava dharma, it’s use is most powerful.Whereas the essence of the Gita is comprised in four slokas , and whereas the catura-sloka (four main slokas) of the Bhagafata constitute the very seed of it’s 80 000 verses, likewise the conclusion of Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s whole teaching is found in these four lines of Caitnaya-Caritamrita.Indeed these four lines alone can take the Jiva beyond the Gita and the Bhagavatam the highest plane of devotional service. Being Sri Caitanya’s own mano-vishta (desire of the mind), nothing else is as worthy of being memorized and practiced as these blessed four lines:ataeva gopI-bhAva kari aGgIkArarAtri-dina cinte rAdhA-kRSNera vihArasiddha-dehe cinti kare tAhAJi sevanasakhI-bhAve pAya rAdhA-kRSNera caraNaTherefore, accept gopi-bhava, to contemplate day and night the pleasure sports of Radha and Krishna.By performing manasi-seva in one’s conceived siddha-deha, with the bhava of a sakhi one attains the feet of Radha and Krishna.It should be noted that Radha-Krishna manasi-seva is not to be performed independent from Gour-lila manasi-seva
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