Radharani's mercy

I posted a reply yesterday to a question posted by one devotee, in the manner of "have you seen God", or "experienced Him". I said yes. And the fact is, though I have along the years experienced several "mystical achievements", nothing compares to the feeling of bhakti, and inside bhakti, Krishna bhakti. The growing confidence it gives, the belief that He's there no matter what, and things will turn out right. And next to Krishna, there's Radha. Merciful, sweet, ready to give a hand do the devotee, that's her. Even though Krishna is present, I think one can get nearer to Srimati Radharani. The Lord is supreme, but you can choose your path of "affection", be it longing for Radha, Nimai or Nitai, while being one with the Lord. So let love fill your heart, and dedicate your time on connecting with the transcendental, it will only make you happy!

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  • Pretty good realization Prabhuji...... Radhe Radhe :)

    Hari Bol!!!

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