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Radhanath Swami Speaks at Climate Change Workshop, Govardhan Eco-Village

A Nexus International Workshop entitled “Climate Change Adaptations for Sustainable Development- A Vedic Perspective” was held on August 27 and 28th, 2017. The workshop was jointly organized by Govardhan Ecovillage (GEV) & Shree Halari Visa Oswal College of Commerce (SHVOCC), and sponsored by The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI).
The conference was inaugurated by Radhanath Swami, the Visionary behind Govardhan Ecovillage, who highlighted the Vedic perspective that the restoration of the ecology has to be done in conjunction with the restoration of the ecology of the heart. He explained, “The Vedic perspective teaches us that the solutions of climate change lie in the understanding that we are entrusted the sacred care Mother Earth, and that through this care we can become the followers of true dharma.”

Guest of Honor Shri Rajendra Singh ji spoke of how the Vedic approach toward environmental crises were involved traditional localized adaptation techniques which were not only decentralized but also cost-effective, unlike the modern techniques which are complicated and cost prohibitive. He also emphasized the urgent need for climate change literacy and water literacy to the present generation.

The impact of climate change is continuing to grow as are the challenges we are facing in adapting. The workshop provided a platform to share experience and knowledge, of opportunities, tools, resources, local initiatives, and expertise.

Among the themes featured in the technical sessions were: Ground water resources, Governance: a role to be played for sustainability, Inca Civilization and its sustainability, Jal Vayu parivarthan at Rajasthan, Water Conservation and River rejuvenation with special reference to Karnataka, Bioremediation :A tool to combat Aquatic Pollution, Exploration in search of Incessant Ganga River Rejuvenation at Harmu River, Steps to save Mahanadi the lifeline of Orissa, Eco-tourism a Vedic perspective, Agro ecological systems for future economic growth. Most sessions were followed by lively interactions.

The conference was conceptualized by Jalapurush Dr Rajendra Singh, Gauranga Das and Sanat Kumar Das from Govardhan Ecovillage, and Dr Sneha Dhonde from SHVOCC, and was attended by more than 120 global participants.

Consolidating the input of all the speakers and participants, which included academicians, researchers, NGOs, community developers, government official’s and students, a four-page declaration was released at the workshop which was signed by key panelists.

You can read the declaration here:

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