Radha-Krishna one soul two bodies

Radha-Krishna one soul two bodies - an excerpt from Sri Prema-Samput
by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura

1. anyonyacittavidusau nu parasparatmanityasthiteriti
nrsu prathitau yadavam
taccaupacarikamaho dvitayatvam eva
naikasya sambhavati karhicidatmano nau

Sri Radhika says to sakhi: “Common people say, ‘Radha and Krsna are eternally present in each others’ hearts, and that is why They know each others’ minds.’ Factually, the real truth is this: We are one soul. It is not possible for one soul to become two.

2. ekatmaniha rasapurnatame ’tyagadhe
ekasusangrathitam eva tanudvayam nau
kasyimscidekasarasiva cakasadekanalotthamabjayugalam
khalu nilapitam

“In a lake, two lotuses – one blue and one yellow – may bloom from a single stem. In the same way, Our two bodies, one blue and one yellow, are connected as one life. They are one supremely profound soul composed of topmost rasa. As bodies We are separate, but by nature We are one. Krsna is by nature blissful (ananda) and I by nature am joyful (hladini). Just as fire and its burning potency are one, there is no difference between the potency (sakti) and the
possessor of the potency (saktiman). We cannot be distinguished from each other when seen as a person and the person’s potency, but for the sake of rasa, We manifest in separate forms as Radha and Krsna. Without pastimes,
We cannot relish each other; and without form, We cannot perform pastimes.

3. yat snehapurabhrtabhajanarajitaikavarttyagravarttyamaladipayugam
taccetaretaratamo ’panudat paroksamanandayedakhilaparsvagatah

“When a container filled with oil has a wick that is lit at both ends, the two flames dispel the darkness in both directions. Similarly, Our two bodies are joined together as one soul, destroying the darkness of each others’ distress, and also giving pleasure to the sakhis present with Us.

4. yadyapated virahamaruta etadattakampam
bhaved yugapadeva bhajecca murccham
vyagra sadalyatha tadavarane yateta
tat susthayecca sukhasadmagatam vidhaya

“Sakhi, when the wind of separation from each other blows, the flames of Our two bodies tremble and We both faint at the same time. The sakhis, all of whom are expert, anxiously try to stop this wind from blowing. They remove all Our distress and restore Our peaceful condition by arranging for Us to enter the house of happiness in each others’ company.

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  • HAri Bol
  • jaya Sri Radhe ... Jaya Sri Krsna ...
    Jaya Radhe Krsna ...Jaya Radha Krsna ... Jaya Radha Krsna
    H A R E K R S N A...!!!
  • Radhe Radhe maate its true radhe krishna are just inseperable................
  • hare krishna mataji dandavat pranam hari bol
  • Radhe Radhe!
    Mathaji, the philosophy is very high, for my understanding, both radhe and krishna are inseparable, and they must be worshipped togethor, is that what is emphasised?

    Hari bol.
  • Excellent. Thank you very much.
  • Hari bol :)
  • so beautiful versas..........
    i jst love reading ur blogs mata ji........
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