Question: A Tendency Non-Existent in God?



Srila Prabhupada states in the Sri Caitanya-caritamrita, Adi-lila, 5.89:

"The tendency to lord it over material nature, or maya cannot be a feature of the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

But we have also learned from the verses:  "janmadyasya yatah" and "aham sarvasya prabhavah" that any tendency possessed by the living entities must have originated from the Supreme Lord, otherwise it cannot exist in us. How to reconcile this?

Suresh Anand


Answer: The Lord Does Not Lord it Over this World


The conditioned soul tries to become the lord of the material nature by accumulating wealth and power. This is his foolish attempt to imitate the position of the Lord, the possessor of unlimited wealth and power. Krishna is not greedy to obtain wealth and power because He already has both of them unlimitedly. Therefore, Krishna does not come under the influence of the material nature.

The point is that Krishna always remains that supreme controller of the material energy. He never comes under its influence. When we try to imitate Krishna's position of being the supreme controller of the material energy we become conquered by it.

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

                                     Yes,the conditioned soul tries to become the lord of the material nature by accumulating wealth and power in the prakat( Vyakta) world which is temporary being the external energy of the Supreme Personality of God shri  Vasudev Krishna who always resides in Golok Vrindavan.The conditioned soul forgets that it has no existence independent of shri Krishna and start identfying with the temporary body so much so that it goes on to conquer the external energy .Not knowing that it is impossible to conquer the power of Shri Krishna's external energy i.e. Maya without first being fully devoid of the dark covering of Moha,the ignorance of false Intelligence,desires and false ego made out of the sanskars and prarabdhas from earlier lives in  temporary world.

    Yes, the point is that Shri Vasudev Krishna is known as 'Atmayoni',i.e. the cause of all causes and without cause, and hence He is eternal,always with His internal energy(Avyakta) out of which on His wish only His external energy (Vyakta) is exhibited for the sake of ignorant condtitioned soul.Only when such a conditioned soul  finally realizes that only by constant loving devotional service of Shri Krishna through the service of His bonafide devotee he can over come the 'Moha' and become consatntly awares of his true self i.e. 'Atmabodha' and become fully Shri Krishna parayan i. e. become a constant ,unconditional,loving devotional servant(Bhakta) engaged in the service of Shri Krishna. Hare Krishna!

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