Purnacandra Swami - Offerings by Urmila Mataji

Obeisances. Glories to Prabhupada!

I am deeply mourning the passing of Purnacandra Maharaja. Having the honor, privilege, and pleasure of serving under his guidance for so many years, I know him as a deep Vaisnava – humble, gentlemanly, caring, aiming for the highest bhakti, compassionate, thoughtful, and fully dedicated to His Divine Grace. He has left us during auspicious Kartika, on Diwali, a day of new beginnings.

Your servant,
Urmila devi dasi

Purnacandra Maharaja joined Srila Prabhupada’s movement when he was 17 years old. For more than 38 years he served ISKCON with great dedication. His knowledge of the Vedic scriptures was vast and profound. For many years he was teaching Bhakti-sastri course and many other courses to the devotees.

He had very deep attachment to Sri Vrindavana-dhama. He divided his preaching time between Russia and Balkans, but Karttik he would always spend in Vrindavan. Over the last few years he was writing a book dedicated to Lord Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavana. He was always deeply absorbed in the holy names. The concentration and intensity with which he would chant the holy name every day was incomparable.
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