Pure Devotion Vs Mixed Devotion!

Pure Devotion Vs Mixed Devotion!"When Srila Prabhupada was sick, he said, 'Don't pray to Krishna that I should stay here, pray that if it pleases Krishna, if it is His desire that I stay, then please allow the spiritual master to be healthy.'The devotee has no demand on Krishna.. If Krishna wants something to happen, the devotee accepts that.Within Krishna's desires, if Krishna has different options, if it's all the same to Krishna, then the devotee may express that he likes this particular thing.But if Krishna has some other plan, the devotee doesn't want to interfere with it, but wants that Krishna be pleased. This is the difference between pure devotion and mixed devotion."HH Jayapataka SwamiFrom the book: Taking Shelter of KrishnaCourtesy: Mathursdesh PublicationsAddressbook Contacts
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