By Madhava Smullen

Healthy snack company Pure Bliss Organics, run by owners and co-founders Jaya Govardhana Das and Haridas Thakur Das since 2005, had been selling its granola, energy bars and gourmet nut mixes to hundreds of stores all over the U.S., both as packaged products and as bulk foods.

When Covid hit in early 2020, however, many stores shut down their bulk departments, and hotels and schools – who had also been clients of the company – stopped ordering snacks. Within a month, Pure Bliss Organics’ sales dropped 40%. “Without Krishna’s intervention, we would have been a goner,” Jaya Govardhana says.

But with PPP loans from the government, and a new venture making products for other health snack companies, Pure Bliss Organics has gone from hard times to a 75% increase on pre-pandemic sales numbers. Now, they plan to expand as well as to hire eight new devotee staff.

The company creates all its products at a 5,200-square-foot kitchen/warehouse in Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta. “We weren’t utilizing all that space and capacity, even before Covid,” Jaya Govardhana says. “Once Covid hit, we shifted gears, and started looking at the potential of making other people’s products, such as granola, energy bars and keto snack bites for them. Because there are a lot of people who have ideas for products and are into marketing and selling them, but don't have the infrastructure or inclination to make the product.”

The move was a hit. Pure Bliss Organics now works with four other companies, helping them tweak their products, ready them for market, and produce them. “We’ve even created a few products for companies too,” explains Jaya Govardhana. “They’ll say, ‘Hey, this is the type of bar we make, can you come up with a good-tasting bar with these ingredients in it?’ And we do.”

Pure Bliss is also continuing to make its own products, and to innovate: Jaya Govardhana, Haridas Thakur, and Krishna Sneha Dasi, who makes bars for the company, have started a new line of Ayurvedic herb bars.

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