Fernando is this nice kind of guy who is great with his hands when it comes to renos. He’s also a good, safe driver, so I liked the fact that he agreed to take Karuna, Connor and myself for a ride to the starting point of our morning walk.  The exact location for the start was the very place where I finished walking on the Bruce Trail in the Grimsby area last fall.
We commenced ready for a challenge.  The first known challenge was to contend with some mud and moisture since a shower had occurred overnight.  I did well and had no fall just almost.  Connor, however, registered a count of four.  https://www.instagram.com/p/ByPwtV1AnTH/?igshid=qpaapuytv5lp
Our second challenge was bugs. Mosquitoes were out swirling about.  Karuna swallowed two, but not all at once. Fortunately, they were not biting us. It was a reverse with Karuna. He did the biting.  
Lastly falling into the same category as bugs were the ticks.  This is the time of year when they are notoriously prevalent in the forest.  So by the end of our mediocre-to-strenuous hike, at seven kilometres in three hours, one tick clung to my kurta (Indian shirt) and one had taken shelter of Karuna’s right or left sock.  Fernando, who’s from Brazil, told of a friend who was bitten by a certain type of tick and died after fifteen days.  

When we completed our walk, arriving at our destination through Fernando’s taxi expertise, we stripped down to see if any of those guys were working their way through skin territory.  We showered, compliments of Niagara Falls home owners, Vaishnava and Janaki, and then hastened to do the laundry with our walking clothes.  It is always wise to be prudent.

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