The challenges that the Vedic culture is facing in contemporary India. Local governments taking over temples’ assets, materialistic media deriding religious practices, famous Bollywood movies and actors in a mission against Vedic traditions, Christian conversions by unfair methods, communistic propaganda, western influence, the Muslim presence, cheating gurus, casteism, lack of an organized defense, how is Iskcon prepared to contribute in confronting this Kali-yuga degradation in the and of dharma?

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Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana dasa)
Stephen has put the culmination of over forty years of continuous research, sadhana practice and travel experience into his books in an effort to share it with those who are also looking for higher levels of spiritual understanding. Full descriptions of all of his books, plus numerous articles he has written, and many more resources can be found here on his website. https://www.stephen-knapp.com

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