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Bhakta Dasa: With the tragic bush fires around Australia at the moment, the Hare Krishna devotees in Melbourne are contributing in a variety of ways. We are supporting the JET Australia Foundation ( the Ramanuja Sampradaya ) by providing funds to them to distribute bottled water to the Firefighters. We are also looking at ways Hare Krishna Food for Life can assist with Vegetarian meal distribution. There are also plans to have a joint Hindu temples and organizations Yajna where we will be performing the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra Sankirtan Yajna. At the temple tonight also there is a Bushfire Kirtan relief prayer session starting at 5.00pm. All welcome.

Kisori Dasi: As you know, Australia is going through a terrible disaster now with the loss of properties, wildlife, human lives and an ongoing threat to many of us.
The Vedic scriptures tell us that from sacrifice comes rain and as we know getting together and singing the Holy Names of the Lord -Sankirtana Yagna- is the best and the recommended sacrifice in this age of Kaliyuga.
As well as bringing rains, doing kirtan together sends powerful spiritual vibes for healing and hope where it’s needed most. As the scriptures state-chanting together is the most powerful way of attracting the Lord’s attention.
Iskcon New Govardhan will be having kirtan in the temple room from
10am to 6pm daily Mon 6th to Sat 11th Jan.
Sunday 12th January kirtan hours will be 9am to 9pm.
Please contact Kisori Dasi or Indranila Dasi for a spot on the roster.
You can sing for as long or as little as you like.
Please bring your family, friends and some musicians if possible.

Bush Fire Update:

After coordinating our strategy to support the victims of the terrible bush fires raging here in Victoria in particular, I have contacted all the various Councils and also the Sikh community and they have assured me that …at this time… there is absolutely no need to have direct food distribution outlets.

There is so much food that has been donated they have a problem with storage.

The Lion’s clubs of the various municipalities and the Army are taking care of those that need meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the numbers are decreasing daily.

Through my contact with my Sikh counterpart in the Faith Community Council of Vic., our Temple offered to relieve our Sikh brothers and sisters of their amazing service to the community in Bairnsdale if they needed a break, or if they need to establish other outlets, we would assist with our Hare Krishna Food for Life team.

However, the Sikh community has in fact been turned away from some affected communities and were left with large volumes of food which they had to bring back to the Gurdwara, as the demand is not there at this present moment.

So I have left the Hare Krishna Food for Life details and contact numbers with the affected Councils and relief agencies and if there is a need in the near future, the Hare Krishna Food for Life team will supply freshly cooked healthy vegetarian/ vegan meals as soon as they contact us.

All they are now asking for is MONEY and volunteers to help mend fences etc.

Hare Krishna Food for Life will be establishing a Bushfire Relief Donation line and all funds to this donation line will ensure that your donations do not go to activities or items that are contrary to our devotional Vedic principles.

If that is not a concern for you, go directly to the Bendigo Bank Bushfire Disaster Appeal (endorsed by the Vic. Govt.).

This disaster will affect thousands of people for many months and so another vital service that the Hare Krishna Food for Life team hopes to render is working with the Victorian Council of Churches Emergencies Ministry offering Spiritual care to those wishing our spiritual support and counsel.

Your servant, Bhakta dasa.

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