Prayers to the Holy Name by Karnamrita Das


My dear Hari Nam Prabhu:

By the grace of Shrila Prabhupada
and my shiska gurus who represent
Lord Chaitanya and Nitai,
(who have brought you in Kali-yuga)
I have been introduced to you
in the process of japa and kirtana.

With whatever humility and gratitude
I can embody, I thank you for
remaining with me over the years,
many of which were quite poor spiritually--
yet you somehow enabled me to keep chanting.

I have reasoned that due to my chanting
I was able to remain at least some type
of devotee, though at my lowest times
I didn't appreciate the value of being one,
today I do some much more!

Thus I can joyfully say THANK YOU
Hari Nam Prabhu for keeping me
company, allowing me to continue
on the path, remaining an
aspiring devotee of Krishna.

My time in this body is short
so I humbly, intensely pray to you:

Please allow me to chant purely
with love, concentration and the
realization that you are a real person.

Please stay with me, allowing me
to have a service attitude, gradually
with full devotion in everything I do.

Please allow me to remember your meaning
as Radha Krishna, thanking my gurus, peers
and great devotees, for the gift of Bhakti.

Please be my constant companion
even in sleep, and by your grace may
I be an ideal example of a devotee.

Let me perfect my life with Prema and
pure devotion, and may the overflow of
that help others be encouraged in Bhakti.

May we all encourage each other to take
full shelter of you, serving devotees
and being your instruments.

May my heart be one with yours,
my desires one with yours,
my mission one with yours.

May your will be done
through me, within me
and around me.


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  • hare krishna so heart touching and inspiring
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