Prayers to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna

Prayers to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna

"I mediate on Shri Shri Radha and Govinda, who sit on an effulgent throne underneath a desire tree in a temple of jewels in Vrindavana. They are being served by Their most confidential associates, the gopis."

"I meditate on the supreme Lord, Shri Krishna, who possesses beautiful lotus eyes, whose color is that of a new cloud, whose clothes are like lightning, who possesses two arms and a beautiful forest garland, and whose hand is indicating divine knowledge by exhibiting the jnana-mudra. That Krishna is decorated with glittering ornaments and is surrounded by all the cowherd friends of Shrimati Radharani. While being embraced by Shrimati Radharani Herself, His form is intensified consciousness and bliss. Shri Krishna, who is intensely bluish-black, in His two-armed form, is the Lord of all the demigods, and His body is full of transcendental bliss."

"O Radha-Krishna, You are my protectors from the ocean of material existence which is characterized by sons, friends, household and land. Therefore You are known as the destroyers of the fear of those who are surrendered unto You."

"O Your Lordships, myself and whatever little bit is mine in this world and in the next, all that I now offer unto Your lotus feet."

"O Your Lordships, I am certainly the abode of many offenses, and am completely devoid of the practice of devotional service; neither do I have any resort or shelter. Therefore, I am taking You as my ultimate goal."

"O Lord of Shrimati Radharani, I am Yours; my actions, mind and words. O lover of Shri Krishna, Shrimate Radharani, I belong to You alone. You both are my only shelter. O Radha and Krishna, ocean of mercy, I am taking shelter of You. Please be pleased upon me and make me Your servant, although I am such a fallen offender."

"O Purushottama, there is no sinful person or offender who is equal to me. How can I describe my shame? Just as the minds of young ladies take pleasure in a young man, and the minds of young men take pleasure in a young woman, kindly let my mind take pleasure in You alone."

"Just as the ground is the only support for those whose feet have slipped, so also You alone are the only shelter, even for those who have committed offense to You."

"O Shrimati Radharani, the dearest of Lord Govinda, this is always my request to You--please let Lord Govinda, along with Yourself, consider me to be one of Your assistants."

"O Shrimati Radharani, O Queen of Vrindavana, You are a river flowing with the nectar of mercy. Please be kind upon me, and give me a little service at Your lotus feet."
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  • hare krishna....

  • hare krishna...

  • radhe radheeeee
  • Hari bol....
  • Hare Krishna


    Very Nive prayer!

  • wow !!!!!!!! what a surrender !!!!!!! even if i get 1% of your surrender, my life would have changed...
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