Prayers to Lord Krishna

Prayers to Lord Krishna
for Blessings, Purity, and Auspiciousness

smrite sakala-kalyana
bhajanam yatra jayate
purusham tam ajam nityam
vrajami sharanam harim

"I take shelter of Lord Hari, who is the unborn, eternal supreme Personality of Godhead. Upon remembering Him, a reservoir of all auspiciousness is produced."

(Om) yam brahma vedanta-vido vadanti
pare pradhanam purusham tathanye
vishvodgateh karanam ishvaram va
tasmai namo vighna-vinashaya

"Obeisances unto Him who is the destroyer of all obstacles, who the knowers of Vedanta describe as the supreme Brahman, and who others describe as the pradhana, or totality of mundane elements. Some describe Him as the supreme male person, or purusha, while others describe Him as the supreme Lord and the cause of the creation of the universe." (Vishnu Purana)

om krishno vai sac-cid-ananda-ghanaha krishna adi-purushaha
krishnaha purushottamaha krishno ha u karnadi-mulam krishnaha sa
ha sarvaih karyaha krishnaha kasham-krid-adisha-mukha-prabhu
pujyaha krishno 'nadis tasminn ajandantar-bahye yan
mangalam tal labhate kriti

"Lord Krishna is the color of a new rain cloud, therefore He is compared to a transcendental cloud full of eternity, bliss and cognizance. He is the original and supreme person. He is the origin of all activities and the one and only Lord of all. He is the worshipful Lord of the best of demigods, the controller of Brahma, Vishnu and shiva. Krishna is without any beginning. Whatever auspiciousness is found within or beyond this universe the devotee obtains in Krishna alone" (Rig Veda, Krishna Upanishad)

(Om) madhavo madhavo vaci
madhavo madhavo hridi
smaranti sadhavaha sarve
sarva-karyeshu madhavam

"Lord Madhava is in one's words and Lord Madhava is in one's heart. All the saintly persons remember Lord Madhava, the husband of the goddess of fortune, in all their undertakings." (Narasimha Purana)

karotu svasti me krishnaha
karshnadayash cha kurvantu
svasti me loka-pavanaha

"May Lord Krishna, the Lord of the demigods, the presiding controller of all the worlds, bestow auspiciousness upon me. May His devotees, who are the saviors of all people, bestow benedictions of auspiciousness upon me." (sammohana Tantra)

krishno mamaiva sarvatra
svasti kuryat shriya samam
tathaiva cha sada karshnihi

"May Lord Krishna along with His beloved Radha bring about prosperity and auspiciousness at all times. In the same way may the devotee of Krishna, who is able to destroy all obstacles, always bring about auspiciousness." (Vishnu Yamala samhita)

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