Nonviolence in politics may be a diplomacy, but it is never a factor or principle.

In the religious law books it is stated:

ahavesu mitho 'nyonyam

jighamsanto mahi-ksitah

yuddhamanah param saktya

svargam yanty aparan-mukhah


yajnesu pasavo brahman

hanyante satatam dvijaih

samskrtah kila mantrais ca

te 'pi svargam avapnuvan

"In the battlefield, a king or ksatriya, while fighting another king envious of him, is eligible for achieving heavenly planets after death, as the brahmanas also attain the heavenly planets by sacrificing animals in the sacrificial fire." Therefore, killing on the battlefield on religious principles and killing animals in the sacrificial fire are not at all considered to be acts of violence, because everyone is benefited by the religious principles involved. The animal sacrificed gets a human life immediately without undergoing the gradual evolutionary process from one form to another, and the ksatriyas killed on the battlefield also attain the heavenly planets as do the brahmanas who attain them by offering sacrifice.

The need of War for peace

As supreme teacher of the world, Lord Krsna condemns the attitude of Arjuna, who said, "I do not find any good in this fighting. It will cause perpetual habitation in hell." Such statements by Arjuna were due to ignorance only. He wanted to become nonviolent in the discharge of his specific duty. For a ksatriya to be on the battlefield and to become nonviolent is the philosophy of fools. In the Parasara-smrti, or religious codes made by Parasara, the great sage and father of Vyasadeva, it is stated:

ksatriyo hi praja raksan

sastra-panih pradandayan

nirjitya para-sainyadi

ksitim dharmena palayet

"The ksatriya's duty is to protect the citizens from all kinds of difficulties, and for that reason he has to apply violence in suitable cases for law and order. Therefore he has to conquer the soldiers of inimical kings, and thus, with religious principles, he should rule over the world."

Considering all aspects, Arjuna had no reason to refrain from fighting. If he should conquer his enemies, he would enjoy the kingdom; and if he should die in the battle, he would be elevated to the heavenly planets, whose doors were wide open to him. Fighting would be for his benefit in either case. Bg 2.32


Peace is desirable. But sometimes to achieve it war may have to employed when all other options have been ruled out.

Ys in service of Srila Prabhupada


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