JAI SRI RADHA DAMODAR !!Schedule for Sri Krsna JanmasthamiAugust 13, 2009Fasting until midnight4:30 am – mangala arotika5:00 am – tulasi puja5:15 am – japa8:15 am – guru puja8:30 am – srngara arotika (greeting the Deities)9:00 am – class11:30 am- raja bhoga offering12:00 pm- bhoga arotika3:30 pm – bhoga offering4:00 pm – vaikalika arotika5:30 pm – bhoga offering6:00 pm – sandhya arotika7:30 pm – bhoga offering8:00 pm – sayana arotika8:15 pm – swinging of Sri-Sri Radha Damodara9:15 pm – offering of gifts to Their Lordships10:15 pm – abhiseka11:00 pm – class11:30 pm – last bhoga offering12:00 am – midnight arotika12:45 am – ekadasi feastDarsana will be continuous throughout the day.There will be bhajanas or Krsna Book readings throughout the day.All devotees are invited to cook for the Lord. We are trying to offer 108 preparations.Schedule for Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa PujaAugust 14, 2009Fasting until noon4:30 am – mangala arotika5:00 am – tulasi puja5:15 am – japa8:00 am – Deity greetings8:15 am – guru puja9:00 am – reading from Srila Prabhupada Lilamrta and homages11:30 am – bhoga offering11:45 am – puspanjali12:00 pm – simultaneous arotika for Srila Prabhupada and Deities1:00 pm - feastGita Nagari Vaisnava CommunityPennsylvaniaNestled in the beautiful countryside of Port Royal, Pennsylvania, is the rural ISKCON farm community Gita Nagari. This is the home of the beautiful Sri Sri Radha Damodhara deities who traveled with the preaching party headed up by Vishnujana Swami and His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami.Directions & more info here
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