Please! Stop! India! Enough!

They are eating and sleeping,
Will you also do the same?!
They are mating and defending,
Will you also do the same?!
They are crying, they are dieing,
Will you also do the same?!
They are cheating and lying,
Will you also do the same?!
They are heartless and cruel,
Want you also to be the same?!
They are dumb, they are dull,
Want you also to be the same?!
Under the Sun they are fried,
In the winter they froze.
Meat, fish, egg their daily food,
Money is their aim of livelihood.
They hurt each other, they eat each other,
Even though living as couple together.
Parents divorce, children cry,
But from nowhere any reply.
Eat! Watch TV! Drink! Watch TV!
Is their now daily duty.
They lost hope, they lost love,
They forgot who is in their above.
They need something, deep to inside,
No use in matter, everything they tried.
They heard, treasure for their demand,
Hidden here in Bharata Land.
Now STOP! India! Enough!
No time for being pride on behalf!
Share! Share treasure! Make them wealthy!
Share! Share love! Make them not lonely!
Share! Share God! Bring them home!
Doing so, you'll be dear soul!

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  • Haribol!!

    Back to home! back to godhead!

  • Hare Kishna Hare Bol...!!!!!\

    Your Servent
  • Wonderful and True words mataji.....



    Hare Krishna

  • hare krshna mata ji,

    really nice one, did you made by yourself?????
    hari bol
    your servant
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