Please anyone can help me?

I m a frequent reader of BHAGAVAT GITA , but i don't know how to apply Bhagavat in our day to day life.My another big problem is that my mind is not stagnant in doing work with krishna con. and it always slump me in this materialstic world.plz help me !
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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    Please continue to read the books and aspire more and more to be in association of strong and serious devotees. Rest they (devotees) will take care of you.

    Your Aspiring Servant,
  • here krishna prabhu pahmo...its gr8 2 no dat u r a an avid reader of the bahgwad gita and trust me if u continue 2 do so ur life will b fulfilled no 2 how 2 apply it in our daily life i think u shud try nd read as many of Srila Prabhupada's books if u can for eg 'updeshamrita'(nectar of instruction) its a small lil book but very helpful nd deep(written by srila rupa goswami) also teachings of shri prahlada maharaj is nice and small ...easy 2 read.
    continue BG with full purports dat will immensely help..
    and as for the fact of slumping in2 the materaial world well dat is the same with every1 prabhu....we cannot avoid it as krishna says in BG
    'daivi hyesha gun mayi mam maaya duratyaya...'(7.14)
    its impossible 2 get out of the clutches of maya unless 1 surrends fully onto me..
    so do not worry and chant hare krishna!!
    jai guaranga!
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