Listing here my personal annoyances (pet peeves) and also listing what I like (soft spots) at the temple/ashram. 

Pet Peeves

1) … the temple and washroom are not clean

2) … a poor brand of incense is being used for the deities

3) … there is dissension amongst resident monks

4) … we lag behind in building repair

5) … the front yard is overgrown by weeds

6) … classes are delivered without eye contact and in monotone

7) … shoes are not placed in the designated area

8) … bugs enter and we don’t address quickly enough

9) … an enthusiastic newcomer is not well looked after

10) … the prasadam is too spicy or oily

Soft Spots

1) … fresh veggies from our garden get offered to Krishna

2) … Govinda’s Dining Room is in full, smooth operation

3) … devotees encourage, complement and praise each other

4) … meaningful seminars are being conducted

5) … the kirtan chanting is sweet and invigorating

6) … lots of Prabhupada’s books are being sold

7) … arati ceremonies are regulated and viewing maximized

8) … things are clean and orderly

9) … people come from many different demographics

10) … everyone reflects the smiles of Radha and Krishna

I am suddenly celebrating the one month anniversary of my knee surgery.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/08/friday-august-20-2021.html

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