Persistent Perfume by Bhaktimarga Swami


Emotions were high across the globe over the death, and today’s funeral, of an innocent George Floyd. It was a clear act of injustice on the part of the police—hence the general public is angry.

From a spiritual point of view George is resting in peace and will be known as a victim/hero. From a social perspective a number of issues need sorting out. May good reason and justice take its presence.

Personally I felt some relief that some resolve, spiritually (to do with Krishna), had come upon the human race. A few hours of sobriety, calmness and shanti have pervaded planet earth. Let sanity envelop us.

Victor and I took to the trails of Balfour and Corley Parks for the evening. We sensed, from the plants around us, a form of rejoice in concert with the mood of people during these few hours of peace after anger. Those incredible aromas exploded out from trees, bushes and low-lying plants. Whether from the refined home gardens or the valley of trails, both of us were occupied with the intense reactions of our nostrils. These currents of bursting fragrance were up to some kind of joy; some kind of applause to acknowledgment. At least that’s the way I interpreted it with the persistent perfume.

Nature can be harsh. Nature can be sweet. She was sweet. Sweetness dominated, for a time, over what is often dismal.

May George Floyd rest in peace.

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