Perfect education

Posted on August 29, 2011Filed under BVKS SangaIf simply we understand that “Krsna is the Supreme Person. He is great, andwe are all subordinate. So our duty is to serve Krsna,” these two lines, ifwe understand, then our life is perfect. If we simply learn how to worshipKrsna, how to please Him, how to dress Him nicely, how to give Him nicefoodstuff, how to decorate Him with ornaments and flowers, how to offer ourrespectful obeisances unto Him, how to chant His name, in this way, if wesimply think, without any so-called education we become the perfect personwithin the universe. This is Krsna consciousness. It doesn’t require A-B-C-Deducation. It requires simply change of consciousness.>>> Ref. VedaBase => Arrival Lecture — Dallas, March 3, 1975
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